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Global Balloon Network

We are offering you the opportunity to become a member of our new and unique balloon network.
The Global Balloon Network is portal to all the services that we provide.

Our vision is:
1. To equip the balloon artist and or entertainer with the best tools available
- Deco Builder
- Decoloons
- Balloon Tools
- Virtualoon (coming soon)
- Balloon Click

2. To bring a world wide audience to your door
- Global Balloon Delivery. (GBD)
- Global Entertainment Network (coming soon)

It is our desire to provide for you the tools that you need to expand your customer base and to strengthen your presence on the world wide web.
We are expanding every day and will have more tools/sites to offer in the future.

Global Balloon Delivery

GlobalBalloon.Delivery is a platform for customers to order a bouquet of balloons and have it delivered by one of the closest balloon artists available. As a member you are added to a world wide data base that will bring the closest customer right to YOU! How it works: Let's say Aunt Amber from New York decides to send a balloon flower bouquet to her friend Amy in in your city. She opens up GlobalBalloon.Delivery and starts coloring the balloon bouquet. When she completes the arrangement she enters the delivery address. Amazingly your company pops up as one of three closest balloon artists in our network. Aunt Amber can visit your website to see your work and upgrade or she can compete her order. When she completes her order you will receive an email with all of the information to complete the delivery.

Because many of you are multitalented, we are working to expand the concept of . If you are a Magician, Face Painter Clown, Stilt Walker, Juggler, etc. we would like to add that to the roster. Please contact us at with your talents and ideas. With this information we would like to add you to our future Entertainment link at Balloon.Network. It will work similar to GlobalBalloon.Delivery . We look forward to expanding your visibility world wide.

Balloon Click, founded by Ken Stillman, is a membership site designed to provide it’s members with the very latest and the very best in balloon twisting and balloon decorating ideas.

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Over 25 million orders are filled by floral delivery services each year. Just do it.

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We are

We are Ken Stillman, Eric Stillman, Anja and Peter Sersch
Not sure who Ken Stillman is? He’s only one of the best balloon architects on the planet :) As an author and lecturer, he’s had the privilege to travel the globe sharing his ideas and designs with balloon decorators and entertainers from all over the world. He is a true visionary in his own right. Ken has revolutionized the balloon industry with his ideas from Fantasy Princesses to Awesome Bouquets that were both featured in Balloon Magic magazine. His Hitch Hiker design is used on a daily basis by balloon artists everywhere. Ken rocked the balloon world with the release of his Super Hero DVD series.

What we do

We create the WOW

We create and design what other people only can dream of

We look to the future

We build and develop our dreams and we will never stop

We make the impossible possible

Making your dreams come true

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Global Balloon Network

Adress: 1501 West Iguana Street, 89048 NV-Pahrump

Country: Nevada - USA





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